Luciano’s grandfather owned an estate in Frassino in the Lugana area south of Lake Garda, but his father sold it in order to be able expand the La Prendina estate.
Today  Azienda Agricola ‘LLAC is a small winery on the banks of Lake Frassino in the heart of the Lugana wine producing district and it makes only Lugana wine.
Its location and immediate climate ensures a wine of great purity and expression of the area. Production is small and so it is a wine for people who know the best of Lugana.

AZ. AGR. CAVALCHINA DI PIONA GIULIETTO P. IVA IT00610870230 - C.F. PNIGTT30C19L949J numero REA 256376 Tel. 045 516002 Fax. 045 516257 info@cavalchina.com